About Me


My name is Jennifer Doua-Chee Vang, JDV. I am a part of the Concord Foundation, which is a scholarship program that has been with me from the start of my college journey and will continue to be with me to the end of my college journey. Hence, this blog will mainly focus on my educational journey about what I am learning in my classes, things that I took into personal account, views that I do not entirely agree on, some stress that has occurred and how I coped with it, and so much more.

Now, what am I studying? Currently, I am seeking my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities focused on Family Social Science. I hope to use this knowledge and degree to better our family systems and relationships in Minnesota. Hence, I may further my education and focus on Parent Education.

What are some hobbies I enjoy doing outside of school? I like to put things into categories. Some active activities that I personally enjoy are playing Volleyball, Badminton, Frisbee, doing outdoor activities such as kayaking, and walking in my neighborhood or at the park. Some less active activities I love to do are sun-tanning by the lake, reading a great book, watching Korean shows and movies, and last but not least visiting various coffee houses and restaurants in town!

Jennifer 2018-4

I was in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia for the Passion Conference that took place from January 1-3, 2018. This was when my group and I stopped for a Starbucks run (and also had to take a photo by this cute Starbucks building). Photo credits: Mae Vang

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